Senate of Pakistan

Chairman's Meeting with the National Defence University Delegation

June 14, 2012

Mr. Iftikharullah Babar, Mr. Mushahid Hussain and Mr. Amjad Pervaiz represented the Senate in the meeting with the student delegation from NDU comprising of around 50 M.Sc and M.Phil students of International Relations Department and Strategic and Nuclear Studies Department.

Following the arrival of the delegation, Mr. Mushahid Hussain welcomed them to the Parliament House and praised the role of NDU in the development of research faculty and a hub of strategic studies. The Chairman’s welcome speech was followed by the Secretary of the Senate, Mr. Amjad Pervaiz’s presentation on the structure of Parliament and its functions. He also enlightened the delegation with the composition of the Parliament House and its powers. After a detailed factual presentation, Mr. Pervaiz concluded with the progress and initiatives taken by the Parliament and the challenges it faces in the light of the changing world.

After the presentation, Mr. Mushahid thanked the Senate Secretary and appreciated the hard work evident in the presentation. He further added that the role of Parliament has transitioned from what it was some decades back, owing to a change in the international politics and the resulting shift in Pakistan’s position in the world. In addition to that, the Pakistani media has been vibrant and free, judiciary has been independent, and women have been empowered. All these factors have contributed to a change in the power politics of Pakistan, and resulted in the strengthening of the role of the Parliament. This empowerment is exemplified in the events such as the military briefing to the political leadership about Pakistan’s nuclear program and the wider role assigned to the Parliamentary Committees.

He added that the Pakistani society is a dynamic and active society, which has experienced growth and evolution in politics. Its dynamism and vigor is a source of optimism for the future of this country. He also commended the people of Pakistan for the resilience which they have showed in the face of multi facet threats and insecurities.

Following his address, Mr. Mushahid Hussain invited Mr. Iftikhar ullah Babar to address the delegation. He explained the role of the Parliament to the delegation by elucidating its legislative and accountability role. Speaking in praise of the democratic values of open deliberation, he gave the reference of the Article 66 of the constitution and explained how a Senator is free to express his stance on an issue. He added that differences of opinion are part of the democratic route, and are bound to arise in the Parliament, where hundreds of people are debating critical issues.

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