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Committee's Visit to Homes of Gayari Martyrs

June 15, 2012

Visit to Naik Ansar Mehmood Shaheed’s home:

Ms. Sehar Kamran, Senator and member of the Senate’s Defense Committee, the Presidential spokesman Mr. Farhat ullah Babar and the Senate Secretary, Mr. Amjad Pervaiz, accompanied the Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production, Mr. Mushahid Hussain on a visit to the homes of two of the brave martyrs of the Gayari sector who lost their lives due to an avalanche on 7th April 2012. This was the first visit from the political leadership of the country to the bereaved families of the martyrs, saluting their bravery and expressing solidarity with the armed forces of Pakistan.

The convoy left the parliament house at 1.50 pm and in about two hours, reached village Sadhuwal (district Chakwal), home to a valiant sipahi of the Pakistan army named Naik Ansar Mehmood Shaheed. The delegation was warmly welcomed to the village by the elders of the family and taken to the baethak, where they met with the family and conveyed their sentiments.  On the occasion Mr. Mushahid Hussain said that the whole nation takes pride in the spirit and patriotism of these soldiers, their sacrifices will not go in vain. He also inquired about the family and the provision of basic facilities to the village. On behalf of the President House, Mr. Farhat ullah Babar offered condolences to the family and heartened them by expressing his reverence for the Shaheed. Ms. Sehar Kamran also visited the wife and children of Naik Ansar Mehmood Shaheed and assured them of her support. The two sons of the brave martyr showed exceptional courage despite the loss of their father and hoped that one day they would also join the armed forces of Pakistan in the footsteps of their father and embrace martyrdom.  The family was visibly uplifted by the visit of the parliamentary delegation; they expressed their gratitude towards the political leadership for taking out time for the family of the Shaheed. They also appreciated the efforts of the Pak army, who continue the rescue operation for the dead bodies of the tragic incident with utmost dedication.

Visit to Colonel Tanveer-ul-Hassan Shaheed’s home:

The second location visited by the Defense Committee representatives as part of paying homage to the soldiers who gave up their lives in the Gayari Sector incident was the village of Wahola, Chakwaal district, home to Lt Colonel Tanveer-ul-Hassan Shaheed. Colonel Tanveer was the Commander of the “6 Northern Light Infantry (NLI) Battalion. The body of the martyred army officer was unearthed from underneath tones of snow in Gayari sector, which brought the tally of recovered bodies up to eight.

While meeting with his family, Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed and Senator Sehar Kamran commended the valiant sacrifice by the Commanding Officer and offered their condolences to his family. While speaking to the guests, Colonel Tanveer’s mother mentioned his son’s phone call a few months back in which he expressed his longing for Shahadat and asked his mother to pray for this aspiration of his to come true. She continued by mentioning how proud she is of her son’s sacrifice and said that if she had a hundred sons she would willingly sacrifice them for the sake of the country’s defence. The Shaheed’s children also conveyed their admiration by mentioning how they want to be like their father when they come of age. While speaking to the media Senator Mushahid Hussain stated that everyone is with the army and we as a united country recognize this immense sacrifice, and these soldiers shall never be forgotten.

After the press conference a few of the residents of the village voiced their concerns in front of both the senators and Mr. Farhatullah Babar regarding the abysmal state of health and education facilities within the district, and specifically the growing concern of water shortage. In response to these apprehensions Senator Sehar Kamran announced the initiation of a ‘Benazir Shaheed School’ within the district, and in addition also declared that the arrangements of Pilgrimage (Haj) shall be made for the martyr and his mother. Afterwards the grave of Colonel Tanveer was also visited where Senator Mushahid Hussain made a special prayer in the Shaheed’s name.

This initiative taken by the parliamentary delegation serves as a morale booster for the soldiers of the country and expresses the immense reverence with which the people of Pakistan shall remember the martyrs of Gayari.

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