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Senator Sehar Kamran's Paper Presentation at the University of Cambridge

July 11-14, 2012

Senator Sehar Kamran participated in the Gulf Research Meeting organized by The Gulf Research Center, held at the University of Cambridge on 11-14th July 2012. She presented a paper titled "Pakistan and Gulf Region - Historical Perspective and Future Trends" in a widely attended workshop, which was well received by the audience and projected Pakistan and its relations with the Gulf Countries.

The detailed 8500 words Research Paper not only highlighted the historical bond of strong brotherly relations between Pakistan and Gulf countries but also analyzed the changing global situation and recommended future goals and directions for further strengthening these relations. Paper publication agreement has been made with the Gerlach Press by GRM management.

She presented her Paper in the workshop titled "Asia and the Gulf: Comparative Analysis of the Roles of Asian Countries". The Workshop Directors were Professor Tim Niblock, Vice-President, British Society for Middle Eastern Studies, Professor Emeritus of Middle East Politics, Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter; and Dr. Monica Malik, EFG-Hermes Dubai, United Arab Emirates.



Speech of Senator Sehar Kamran


Bismillah al rahman al rahim

Honorable Director Professor Tim Niblock, Ms. Monica Malic, Ladies and Gentlemen

Assalamu Aaikum and Good Afternoon

My subject is Pakistan and Gulf Region-Historical Perspective and Future Trends, I selected this topic for research, which is narrative in nature and require in depth study into the chemistry of Pakistan's relations with the Gulf countries. I have tried to spell out dynamics of Pakistan's relations with the GCC states with special reference to political, economic and defense ties. I adopted analytical approach to probe into Pakistan's past and present relationship with these states, which in recent past have assumed strategic importance of great significance.

Pakistan Gulf relations are embedded in history. A consistent stream of new avenues keeps on revitalizing these ties. Both regional and international events have molded this relationship into a strategic alliance. It now transcends the traditional sectors of cooperation and has entered into a new era of constructive bilateral dialogue.

Pakistan, due to popular demand, geo-strategic compulsions, economic advantages and for its security needs, has always placed development of relations with these countries on high priority. This relationship has cultural, religious, economic and strategic moorings. Our bilateral ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE are of special significance as both these countries enjoy a special status with us. Saudi Arabia being cradle of Islam enjoys a unique place in the public and official circles of Pakistan.

The trust and the level of cooperation between Pakistan and the GCC, is reflected in the bilateral relations. There is a freshness which has re-energized these historical bonds. The recent developments in Bahrain and use of that challenge to Bahrain's security, into an opportunity for expanding security relationship is a reflection of abiding confidence in Pakistan's ability to assist brotherly countries of the Gulf against any kind of threats.

Pakistan has very successfully followed a policy of maintaining close cooperation with the individual GCC members and yet keeping healthy relationship with Iran without compromising either party's interest. Pakistan has established an active mechanism of cooperation against terrorism with its GCC partners. The cultural cooperation has been instrumental in creating a deep awareness of Pakistan's rich heritage in the Gulf area. Pakistani diaspora has worked very hard to build infrastructure and institutions in these countries. Our expatriate population has coexisted with the other communities in almost every GCC member state.

Pakistan is recognized as a leading non-Arab country for scientific and political leadership among the GCC states. Our common stand on issues of utmost importance to the Islamic Ummah, like the Palestinian issue and economic cooperation reflect the political understanding with the GCC.

The economic and commercial relationship is gaining grounds, however there are more opportunities which need to be explored for the mutual benefit of our peoples.

Pakistan's democratic dispensation provides an example to these countries for proactive participation of women folk in the democratic process. I see a bright future for an expansive and mutually beneficial relationship with all members of the GCC.

The Gulf today is establishing its role as a unified powerful regional bloc and Pakistan stands as a strong, trusted and credible support with most cordial and brotherly relations based on the aspiration and sentiments of their peoples, shared history, religion and cultural affinities.

It is fact of life that the foreign and security policies of any country keeps on evolving with the changing circumstances, so shall be the policies of the Gulf countries. However, the thread which binds GCC with Pakistan shall continue to exhibit itself in our relationship. The people to people contact ensures further strengthening Pak-GCC relations. Generations after generation leadership in the Gulf and in Pakistan have reaffirmed the deep rooted mutual trust. This trust shall remain the eternal bond which binds peoples of GCC and Pakistan.              

Thank You


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