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Senate Committee visits Siachen, Mushahid lauds valour of troops

Senate Committee visits Siachen, Mushahid lauds valour of troops
September 30, 2014

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Defence Committee, led by its Chairman Mushahid Hussain Sayed, has paid an historic visit to Siachen to express solidarity of the Parliament and political forces with the valiant soldiers and officers defending the motherland in the world's toughest terrain.

This was the first visit by any parliamentary committee to Siachen, said a press release issued here on Tuesday.

The committee members, during their two-day visit, first landed in Skardu from Islamabad, where they received an initial briefing before flying to Giyari, which is at a height of 12,500 feet, where 140 soldiers and officers of the Pakistan Army were martyred in an avalanche in April 2012. They laid a wreath at the monument for the martyrs of Giyari.

Then the committee members flew to a strategic military post in Siachen, located at Bilafond-la, at a height of almost 17,000 feet, not far from where the Indian Army is based at the Line of Actual Contact.

Senator Mushahid addressed the troops in the world's highest battlefield and lauded their valour, morale and determination in performing their professional functions under such difficult conditions, when the weather can even fall to -50 degrees centigrade in the peak winter.

He said the people of Pakistan were proud of their armed forces and could never forget their sacrifices in defending every inch of the country despite being outnumbered by an adversary superior in number and weaponry, but not in fighting spirit, morale and motivation.

After their return from Bilafond-la, the Senate Defence Committee received another briefing at the local Brigade Headquarters at Goma, which is at a height of 10,500 feet.

Senator Mushahid told the troops, "We are your voice in Parliament and we will do our utmost to protect and promote the good name and image of the armed forces given the armed forces' role in Siachen with such professionalism and commitment."

He also criticized the Indian military establishment for sabotaging all efforts for peace in Siachen, and said India had consistently rejected all proposals for peace in Siachen, that had been made by Pakistan, even in the aftermath of the Giyari tragedy.

He also expressed his concern over the consequences of Climate Change and Global Warming, which was having adverse consequences for Siachen due to freak weather incidents like the Giyari tragedy and. He urged India to cooperate with Pakistan and other South Asian countries to jointly formulate a regional strategy on the issue of Climate Change and Global Warming.

He also presented a Media Manual on Climate Change, prepared by the Senate Defence Committee.

Senator Sabir Ali Baloch, acting Chairman of the Senate, and Senator Haji Adeel also addressed the troops and expressed solidarity and support to the armed forces.

The Senate Defence Committee delegation included senators Sabir Ali Baloch, Haji Adeel, Mohsin Leghari, Abdur Rauf and Dr Saeeda Iqbal, as well its secretary Dr Pervez Abbas.

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