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Mushahid calls on parliament to be assertive

Mushahid calls on parliament to be assertive
November 8, 2012

Addressing participants of the 97th National Management Course (NMC), Chairman of the Senate Standing Committee on Defence Senator Mushahid Hussain observed that parliament had to play an assertive role, keeping in mind the emerging realities at the national, regional and global level.

Senator Mushahid said there were multiple power centres in the country playing their due role.

He remarked that parliament is there for the need of the people, the judiciary is independent, the media is vibrant and civil society is actively participating in decision making.

He added that national security, in view of the changing scenario, needed broader definition.

He also briefed the participants about the changed and expanded role of parliament. The Balochistan Committee report, Senator Mushahid observed, was an initiative of parliament to address the genuine grievances of the Baloch. He termed it extremely unfortunate that the recommendations of the committee were not implemented in letter and spirit.

Moreover, parliament, after the Salala incident, took a unanimous decision to redefine the terms of engagement with the US and Nato, he said. He added that the Parliamentary Committee on National Security unanimously approved the recommendations in this regard.

Responding to various questions, Senator Mushahid said that the US failed in Afghanistan because of its own flawed policies. He claimed that the regional situation demanded that Pakistan play an active role to protect and promote its national interests.

Senator Mushahid said the Standing Committee would revisit the defence paradigm and would prepare a Defence Policy Strategy Document.

He remarked that the Standing Committee would establish new parliamentary traditions and would seek guidance from all stakeholders, including defence and security institutions, think tanks, media and others to formulate solid recommendations to further strengthen the defence and national security of the country.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 8th, 2012.


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