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Pak-Iran joint policy seminar calls for closer ties

December 5, 2012

Wednesday, December 05, 2012 - Islamabad—Speakers at a Joint Policy Seminar of Pakistan and Iran urged for close cooperation among the Islamic countries to make them stronger and self reliance facing the challenges of modern day.

These expressions were made by the legislators at a Joint Policy Seminar of Senate of Pakistan Committee and National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran‚ in Islamabad Tuesday.

Chairman of the National Security and Foreign Policy Iran Alaeddin Boroujerdi said we consider the solidarity of Pakistan as of Iran’s own and we want to cooperate with each other in the fields of Energy‚ Defence‚ Economic and other related fields. He said energy is imperative for development and we would continue to support Pakistan in this field.

Mr. Boroujerdi said that Gas pipeline is complete on their part and his country wishes to improve economic and trade with Pakistan. He said in this connection the recently visit of Iranian President and decisions taken would be implemented to give boost to our existing ties. Similarly he said the visit to Iran of President Asif Ali Zardari was an important one.

Mr. Boroujerdi said that we completed all the phases of the development of Uranium and these are purely to enhance our knowledge and not to make any arsenal out of them. He said our atomic programme is not concealed one and is open to all including the inspection of IAEA.

He said in terms of power we are on that point that no one dare to consider to attack us.

He said we are working to maintain a balance of power in the Middle East‚ but the United States is disrupting our efforts. He lamented that some countries are playing the game of United States in the Middle East.

Responding other questions he said Afghanistan is the country which offered 1.5 million persons sacrifices and now there are the armies of 48 countries in that country. He said American wishes to remain in Afghanistan and to counter Iran‚ China and Russia. He said the only solution of all of our problems is to be united and to be one. He said we are careful before the withdrawal of US and allied forces from Afghanistan.

Chairman Senate committee on Defence Senator Mushahid Hussain Syed in his remarks said that any situation in Afghanistan has the direct impact on Iran and Pakistan. He urged for dialogue and negotiations in the region to move forward our policies and programmes. He also urged for more cooperation between Iran and Pakistan in the fields of economic‚ energy and defence. He said Iran has the right to have knowledge and know how about the nuclear technology and modern technologies.

Chairman Islamic Ideology Council Senator Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani urged cooperation with Iran in defence field and there should be frequent consultation process of military officials of Pakistan.

Taking part in the seminar a former Pakistan ambassador to Iran Khalid Mehmood said Pakistan needs best of cooperation from Iran and the rest of the world to curb sectarianism and we have to intensify our efforts for our security.

A scholar Agha Murtaza Poya said that situation is changing in the region and said United Nations has now given the status of non-state observer to Palestine.

Senator Saeeda Iqbal said that the books of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto have been translated in Persian in Iran and are beacon of light for the down trodden people including women folk.

Senator Sardar Ali Khan said we have to safeguard our geographical and ideological frontiers.


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