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No more sacred cows in Pakistan, says Mushahid

No more sacred cows in Pakistan, says Mushahid
March 14, 2013

ISLAMABAD – In an obvious reference to the role of Pakistan’s military establishment, Chairman Senate Defence Committee Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed has that the fear of ‘strong and powerful’ has gone due to free media, independent judiciary, vibrant civil society and a dynamic Parliament.

He shared these views here on Tuesday during a meeting with a delegation of European Unions’ defence attaches headed by Pierre Mayaudon. He further said, the Parliament is playing an assertive role keeping in view the emerging realities at national, regional and global level and the committee is revisiting the defence paradigm in light of the new realities.

A new comprehensive defence policy strategy document would be prepared after seeking proposals and recommendations from all the stakeholders, Mushahid added. He said that national security, in view of the changed scenario, needed broader definition.

The senator appreciated the role of Parliament during Salala incident episode. He stated that the Parliament took a unanimous decision to redefine terms of engagement with United States and NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) and unanimously approved recommendations in this regard.

The chairman defence panel remarked that media was playing an active role in shaping public opinion and citizen activism was being witnessed resulting in national cohesion on new issues.

Senator Mushahid underlined the need for more regional cooperation and economic integration to work for the collective benefit of the people of the region.

He said that contours of defence now include climate change, cyber warfare, terrorism, extremism which require comprehensive policies.

Mushahid said, terrorism is a common enemy and a collective approach is direly needed to get rid of the menace and ensure regional and global peace.

The Senate’s defence panel head briefed the EU defence attaches about the steps taken by the committee. Public hearings on core issues related to national security have been organised and seminars were being arranged to seek guidance from experts and scholars in different fields to finalise a comprehensive defence strategy document, he said.


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