Defence Science & Technology Organization

Rawalpindi, Pakistan: The Defence Science & Technology Organization (DESTO) is the premier Defence Research and Development organization of Defence Production Division, Ministry of Defence, Government of Pakistan. DESTO conducts research and development around weapons and weapon systems and renders professional advice on the application of science and technology.

DESTO’s research and development environment covers a wide spectrum of fields, under the broad disciplines of aerodynamics, propulsion, defence electronics, computer systems, engineering, propellants, explosives, materials, and chemical & biological defence, etc.

Besides providing scientific and technical support to other research & development as well as production establishments of the Ministry of Defence, DESTO’s multi-disciplinary infrastructure and technology base is available to the public sector industry under commercial arrangements.

While the DESTO Headquarters are located at Chaklala for providing policy advice, liaison, and organizational management, DESTO’s R&D infrastructure is located at the following different physical locations:

• DESTO Laboratories Complex, Chattar

• DESTO Laboratories, Karachi

• DESTO Laboratories, Chaklala

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