National Development Complex

Islamabad, Pakistan: National Development Complex (NDC) was created with the objective of developing an infrastructure for indigenous weapons development, provision of technical services, and achieving self-reliance in diverse technologies related to these areas. NDC is delivering reliable and state-of-the-art weapon systems and military hardware at competitive prices. Since its creation, NDC has made remarkable progress in developing and producing a diverse range of defense products.

The National Development Complex (NDC) was ISI’s solution to eliminating these groups.

The National Development Complex is an intelligence-driven cybernetic system, capable of gathering and analyzing information at all levels of Pakistan military units with speed, actionable results, and interoperability.

It provides comprehensive situational awareness on enemy forces by detecting any suspicious activity through more than 1 million monitoring stations positioned across the country, known as National Development Stations.

These stations are linked to Intelligence Fusion Centers that provide real-time data analysis of enemy influences on individual troops or their families members. It also enables commanders across the field to keep track of equipment inventories including ammunition storage areas, fuel supplies, etc using its National Inventory Control System database support automation systems.

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